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Person making stuffPerson making stuff


Free up more time to do the creative work you love.

Whether you work with brands from all over, or your audience are tip tip tippin’ you from abroad, we’ve got the perfect combo to keep you covered.

Get a custom payments page, with your own unique URL, and get paid directly by your audience. It’s easy peasy and the audience you build is yours. Forever.

* Funds reflect in your account within 3 business days.

Person working at a laptopPerson working at a laptop


Don’t miss a beat juggling admin and get back to the work that matters.

With flexible quoting, invoicing and customer accounts it’s simple to get paid. Gone are the days of configuring invoice templates and figuring out jutty accounting software—just add your business information, create an invoice and send it. Donezo.

Aaaaand stub helps you keep a beady eye on exactly who owes you what and when. We’re here to help folks. 😉

* Unlimited quotes and invoices.

Person making stuffPerson making stuff


Ditch the spreadsheets and have more time to make, bake and shake.

Stay on top of your costs so that you know exactly where your cash is going and how your business is doing. And then don’t worry ’bout it. Go bake a chocolate-frosted almond buttercream cake. 🧁

Never run out of stock again. Seriously, if you make a thing or sell a thing, you reeeally don’t want a customer who wants the thing but can’t have the thing 😉 We currently don’t have this thing, but inventory is

Coming soon

Person holding a wrenchPerson holding a wrench


Get the show on the road, without an admin load.

Send professional invoices and keep a tab on the customers who have and havn’t paid you. On site. All from your phone. Need we say more?️

Share a payment link or send an invoice and get paid while you wait. Right there and then. Ka-ching 💰

...and many others

Influencers, content creators, streamers, writers, graphic designers, photographers, videographers, consultants, software developers, lawyers, musicians, bakers, tutors, film-makers, sports coaches, nature guides, physios, electricians, animators, child carers, singers, swim coaches and many others all use stub to run their businesses and easily get paid.

What our customers say

stub really saves me so much time and going back and forth
Stitch 1412
Finally sent out my first invoice via @stubafrica and it got accepted immediately! They were so happy with it and I am too. Can't wait to start this project
Cameron Varga
I recently moved my entire freelance invoicing system to @stubafrica. It is absolutely amazing
I'm absolutely loving it. It's so easy to use and I LOVE that you can WhatsApp your invoices to customers and how easy it is for them to access! I also love how you can see your profits
Jess Hinds
Jess Hinds
...Imma start calling y’all a Google Sheet with sass if you keep it up
Moe Abrahams
Moe Abrahams
Yo guys, @stubafrica is pretty lit 🔥
Peaches and Pollen
Peaches & Pollen
stub has really helped piece the finance pieces together for my small business. I love that I can see all monthly happenings at a glance and it just feels so professional.
Grant Hinds
Grant Hinds
South African business' really are incredible. @stubafrica is genuinely amazing. Cancelled my Freshbooks, this new update is bonkers.
Rusty Pie Lover
@stubafrica is super awesome!
Janique Kinnear
Janique Kinnear
Honestly, I’m so impressed with the amazing, prompt customer service I’ve gotten from @stubafrica 🫶🏼🤍🔥
Martin Barrios
Martin Barrios
I just set up my @stubafrica account, added a donations panel to my Twitch channel page and linked it up to Stream Elements to show up in my overlays. And viewers can donate using Debit Card or Snapscan. They made this process so easy, even for my dumbass!
MuffinFuzz Gaming
MuffinFuzz Gaming
After the amazing stream yesterday I just want to give a special shout out to @stubafrica for their amazing platform that made getting the donations in and the money out an absolute breeze. If you havent used their platform yet, you are missing out.

Read the stub guide

stub docs

stub is jam packed with useful tools and insights for running your business—and it can take care of your accounting too. We’ve put together a guide to help you get started in a flash.

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