Payment options for content creators & gamers

Setup your custom payment page and get StreamElements

This is available on the Growing Business or Established Entrepreneur plans

Get paid for what you do best with custom payment pages!

If you’re a content creator, gamer, steamer or someone wanting a unique way to collect tips, donations and payments online for your hustle, then stub has just the thing for you!

In stub, you can create your very own custom payment page, with your own, unique URL so you can copy and send that link out to whoever you like, however you like and your audience and fans can pay you at the click of a button. Ka Ching!

How to setup a custom payment page

If you have already signed up with stub, all you will need to do is make sure you have already set up Online Payments. Once you have that all going, you will be able to set up your custom payment page in the Payments section of stub. There you can add a logo, set a custom tag, and set your button label to “Tip, Donate or Pay”, you can even add a little message to your fans and that's it, you’ll be all ready to start collecting that moola!

How to get live stream alerts with StreamElements in stub

We know that being able to see who just sent you a dono or tip while you’re steaming away is super important. So we built a thing! Once you have set up your custom payment page, you will be able to enable stream alerts. Head on over to Integrations in stub and find StreamElements. Here you will be able to enter your StreamElements Account ID and StreamElements JWT Token. Super simple for a lot of added value! Go forth and conquer!